piccolo or tsunami sp kayak for my son?


My 10-year-old loves paddling but my Nordkapp LV is a little more than he can handle. Last summer we rented a Wilderness Systems Tsunami SP, and he loved it. Does anyone have a lead on a Tsunami SP, or a Piccolo, or something comparable, anywhere between Ontario and Massachusetts? I want to get out and have some fun with him this Summer!



CD Raven
Also check out the CD Raven. Great boat for his size.

tsunami sp
I don’t think you can do better than the Tsunami SP. I had to modify/raise the thigh braces to fit my son, but otherwise, perfect boat. I like the safety the bulkheads and decklines bring.


Tsunami 12?

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I'm not sure how much bigger the 12 is, over the SP, but, it might leave some growing room, without being overly huge. I happened to notice some 2011 models available at Mountainman Outdoors, for $599.


Edit: I see those Tsunami 12's have gone up to $700, if anyone was interested.

Also: I see Appomatix River Company has a used Perception Carolina XS, for $325, if that sounds interesting, for a small paddler.


The 120 is almost 5" wider and 3" deeper than the SP, and rated for 100 pounds more. That’s a huge difference for a small paddler.


thanks for the reply – i didn’t realize I wouldn’t get updates so didn’t see all these replies! i will check out the CD Raven.

Piccilo hasn’t been made for years
Piccilo hasn’t been made for years so if you find one buy it. The big difference between the boats is dry hatches, the SP has them and the Piccilo doesn’t. The SP is probably the ultimate kids boat and unfortunatly has a price to match.