Pick a spray skirt for non production kayak

trying to pick a neoprene spray skirt, the problem is my kayak is a custom built one from the early 70’s so there is no manufacturer. the charts on the web site don’t apply now what ?

I think I can help you. I just had a spray skirt fiasco and Immersion Research was the solution to my problem. Their chart is based on the circumference of the cockpit that YOU measure. If I were you I’d measure and if it’s anywhere close to being on the ‘tight’ side of their recommended size, order the next size larger. Good luck. (Based on the IR chart my boat required a large deck size… but nearly an extra large. I ordered the extra large and it fits perfectly)


Snap Dragon’s chart failed me miserably. Their newer model skirt is NOT the same as their older (unavailable) model. Schwarzenegger himself couldn’t muscle that %^@$% on.

Snapdragon made a custom one for me a long while ago, from a tracing of the cockpit. I also had to ask them to change it so it was not so hard to put on, they sent it back all set having sewn in a slightly lighter weight bungie cord. The result was perfect.

It has been a while but I believe that I spoke with someone directly at Snapdragon for the work, and they arranged for it to be sold thru a nearby kayak outfitter.

It is also worth calling to see if a skirt manufacturer has it as an unlisted custom size. The one for the Explorer LV cockpit was not listed but was a known custom size that Snapdragon could readily make.

I’ve never bought a skirt based upon the kayak model . It has always been by dimension, length x width. Look a page or two down for sizing.