pick-up rack

I have a short bed Nissan pick-up and would like to know if anyone has ever built a rack to haul kayaks like up above the cab and bed so that I could still haul stuff with the tail gate up. If you have any designs or what you used or where you bought it tell me. thanks


Thule and Yakima
If you have a trailer hitch, you could use either the Thule Goal Post ($160) or the Yakima Drydock ($150). You would also need to get a single bar and feet for on top of the cab as well.

Another option would be the Yakima Outdoorsman ($170), which mounts to the top of the bed and raises the rack to just above the top of the cap. Since this set up already has two horizontal bars, you wouldn’t need another set of bars on the roof of the cab.

Good luck and have fun.


commercial designs
I’ve seen some home-built racks that seem to work just fine, but I went with a commercial rack (the trac-rack).

One option you could consider would be a single bar on top of the cab and a single rear bar. There are several outfits that sell setups like this. Here are a couple to check out:

The rack from Spring Creek www.canoegear.com

One of the setups from Oak Orchard http://oakorchardcanoe.com/racks.htm


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I put a T-Rack on my Nissan PU (2004) and manufactured some mounts that allow my Hull-A-Ports to mount into the T slots. Very strong and also good for transporting ladders, lumber, pipe etc. You can see them here:http://www.tracrac.com/

E-Mail me if you want pics of my set=up.....

Homemade Rig

Found this on Mohawk’s website a while back. Might be what you’re looking for.


US Racks
I used to have a wood rack on my other S10 but have no pics to share. I can go into detail about the construction if you like or you can e-mail me.

I now have a rack from US Racks. I am attaching a link to a pic of it. Can’t say enough about it. It mounts quickly for boat hauling and removes quickly so I just have my little truck.

Cost was around $280.00 as I recall.

The wood one worked very well back then too. I stained mine (made of clear pine) a dark walnut. Got rid of it back then as I wound up with a shell on that truck and developed another racking system for it.

Good luck!

Here is the link:


US Racks…
I use exactly the same rack as DavidH. It’s been a good rack and if you don’t need all the extras that Thule or Yakima offer it should be fine. I like that there was no drilling involved to install it, it pinches to the top bed rail. Also once you have made all the adjustments necessary to fit your bed it goes on and off the truck in under ten minutes.

Me too…
Here’s my US rack…


I put it on a year ago and haven’t taken it off yet…I still need to make some custom foam saddles and ditch the generics.

Extend a truck

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I use the extend a truck. I have a tonneau cover so it works great for me. They have free shipping, and also check out their accessories page. I picked mine up from Ebay for a lot less, and if you look around you might find some deals.


$4 rack from Ikea and a sawhorse
I pulled a rack I payed $4 for at Ikea fifteen years ago and built a sawhorse to height. I put screw-eyes in the sawhorse legs and ran lines from the screw-eyes to tie-downs in the bed. It works great. I’ll e.m. a fully loaded picture. Short bed ranger with two rec kayaks, two mountain bikes, a bunch of surf tackle, a large cooler, and a bike trailer - all done with the tail gate up.

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forget the yuppie stuff
Forget the yuppie and homemade Okie stuff. Look for a custom-made steel lumber rack - like the ones building contractors use on their trucks to haul lumber, ladders, and pipe. They’re solid, can carry more weight than you’d ever want to put that high up on your truck, and used racks can be found rather cheaply as these racks have an annoying habit of not fitting the newly-bought truck. I only paid $50 for my cab-over model.

home made rack
until HIGH gas prices i had a full size dodge and saved a few bucks on the rack by building it myself. i used 1’’ tubular steel and makeshift brakets. i was able to haul a ton with it… if u have any welding exprience or know someone that can its a great way to get a rack for about 50 bucks!! i have a picture of it with 3 canoes, 2 yaks, toolbox, 5 people and all of our gear!! (damn i miss my truck!) i u want i can send u the picture so u can get an idea!