Picked Up a Stowe Canoe Today

-- Last Updated: Jul-03-14 2:20 PM EST --

For 100$ I just couldn't let it go so I went and bought it. For a 1983 it is in better shape then I thought it would be. I will have to replace all the wood on it and fix two spots where the hull was broken out. Dimensions are 17' x 36" at the beam. Does have a keel which isn't my cup of tea. All fixable things. I don't know though what model it would be. Would anyone out there have any old Stowe catalog's they could look up info on or even better yet scan it for me? It seems Stowe's have been abundantly for sale in my neck of the woods.


A few pics of it.


Stow called all models Mansfield. Well later on they called them all Mansfield followed by the length. Therefore you have a Mansfield-17.