Pickup Racks

Buying a rack for my 98 Ford Ranger pickup is quite comfusing. It seems that I either buy 2 different racks to carry my kayak or I buy construction type racks to mount on my truck. Any advice? Everytime I go to a web site and enter fit info, it doesn’t seem to match my truck info.

What I used

I have the T-Rac (non sliding) very sturdy. Trac Rac makes a kayak saddle that fits right in the T slots. For mine I fabricated a base for my HullaPorts. I can get 'em on and of in few minutes.

I had a Yakima Dry Dock
on my Ranger. I didn’t care all that much for it on longer trips with a shorter boat because the Dry Dock part would sway a little from the roof mounted towers. Rackwarehouse or somewhere sells two towers that go on the cab so you don’t have to buy all four. I had a supercab, flareside and the spread between bars was a bit too far. There are other manufacturers that make hitch mounted versions similar to the Dry Dock. Yakima makes the Outdoorsman that mounts on the bed rails that should work. I have the Thule xsporter on my F150 that are pricey but work and look good.

Which web site? the rackwarehouse.com
is a good one.

I had an additional issue…
I have a hard tonneau cover and had to find a rack that mounts under the rails. I settled on a rear rack from Oak Orchard Canoe and a Yakima rack on top of the cab (they sell it as a package). The rear rack uses custom made “uprights” that hold a Yakima round bar so you can use Yakima or other compatible saddles. They make them to fit on a truck bed with or without a tonneau cover/cap, with a few different mounting options. I’m reasonably satisfied with this set-up because they are easy to remove if necessary (they unbolt from the mounting bracket - 2 bolts). They sway a bit (forward and back), which worries me a little, but I have not had a problem yet (they told me I would have no problem carrying two kayaks or canoes). Anyway, it is a good option if you don’t want to go the commercial route. The do have a website if you are not local.

Try this homemade one

I Dont Know Who Made Them
but I saw a new Ford P/U extended cab with a beautiful wooden yak on top. The rack was mounted to the cab roof only and the boat seemed to ride fine from what I saw.


Used a construction rack
on my 1984 Toyota. It was great especially for long kayaks. I picked up a shell for $100 on ebay for my newer (90) Toyota. It had steel crossbars on it already. Makes life easy. Put n a carpet kit and poof… I gots me an RV!

trac racks
Love my trac racks, they’re a bit pricey but worth it. They are easy to unlock and slide off if I need the room to load mulch, pine straw, etc. I have a truck box that also slides off. Thule kayak carriers clamp on easily for carrying boats, can also carry lumber, ladders, etc.

Called TracRac Today
Kathy put the TracRac on her 2001 Silverado step side. They were expensive, but work well, look good, and they make to fit anything.

I took them off to replace the Tonnue cover for winter and just put it back on Suday. The rubber grommets were broken. I just called and they said they put them in the mail today. Pretty good customer service.

Own a Ranger crewcab…

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....and carry my 14.5' canoe and 9' rec kayak in the bed, tied back to the sides of course, and with a red flag. Depends on what else you use the truck for, I think, and how long your boat is. Oh, I also put a jug of water in the fore end of the canoe to weigh it down on the road.