Pics of my Canoe

Below are some pictures of my canoe rigged up for my daughters and I to go fishing. I still need to rig an anchor to the bow and possibly the stern.

Here is a pic of our little LowCounty Redneck canoe: Rig 1.JPG Rig 2.JPG Rig 3.JPG

Might be a nice rig, but the photos
will not come up.

Fixed the links

I’d hate to be the middle passenger when
the bow passenger takes a large back swing. Be careful . . . .


Hope you’ve figured out coordination
of the casting. Three fishing from a canoe can be a bit hair raising…literally. But, it appears it’ll work for your purposes, assuming you are talking about fairly protected waters. Nice job.

I was writing essentially the same thing
when you posted.

Lol. Great minds think alike . . . .
Of course, so do some of the weaker ones, but that discussion belongs elsewhere. ;~)


Fun with Kids
You would be amazed how well casting work in the canoe, even with my 8 and 5 year old.

So far, there is no injuries.