Pics w/ Waterproof Digital Camera

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Hey All,

I haven't seen too much information on the Pentax Optio W10 so I thought I'd post a fishing report I posted on another website that has pictures taken with the waterproof camera.



Here’s Another Link
Just to keep the ball rolling:

Anyone else been having fun with this new toy?

I have a Pentax Optio W10
I love it.

It’s waterproff to 5 ft. It’s durable (I dropped mine onto concrete from 2.5-3 feet and it lived). It’s tiny (easy to keep on hand). It takes great pictures, has 6 megapixels & a 3x optical zoom, has lots of custom modes, but isn’t too complicated for casual use.

What’s not to love?

No Doubt
"What’s not to love?"

That’s what I mean, yet when I do a search on this forum, or even the general paddling forum, I don’t see much of anything spoken of this camera.

I personally think it’s the best fishing/paddling accessory to come down the pipe in a long time. Plus it’s just a great point and shoot.

Not true

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There's been alot of discussion about this camera here. Sort of "old news" actually.

I do agree it's a wonderful camera. I have one. Love it. Yes, the LED screen does become unviewable in bright light, but so what...the camera is a point and shoot camera. Just take a lot of shots, some are bound to be of what was intended. Just delete the rest!

I never paddle without it anymore.

( perhaps the camera is not discussed on this fishing forum, but check the other forums here. It has been discussed alot. )