of my new pungo shipped from KFS…they pack’m right


cant wait to use it a few times…then the rigging will begin.

Have Fun
I always felt that driving a new boat(trophy) into my driveway was almost as fun as getting on the water.

Might consider an anchor or a pole thing
to hold the boat in place if you get comfortable fishing from the boat.


Nice choice. Like the Pungo.
Love the yellow. All I’ve heard about KFS has been good.


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trolly will be the first thing going on.It'll cost maybe 4-8 bucks to make.And theres a no drill way to do it to the pungo..(Para cord,3 carbiners,attach 2 carbiners to the grab handles,run line under cockpit lip,connect ends with 3rd carbiner)I will need to add a clam cleat though and drill for that.(So it's almost no drill i guess)The first thing is going to be a pvc dolly..I got some spare 1 and a half " laying around so I just need the connectors, tires, and a threaded rod..wont cost to much either.

Looks like a good start!
I have a bright yellow Old Town Castine kayak that i have rigged for fishing. Everybody calls it the bananna boat. That’s ok as it stands out well which is a good safety factor. I also live in southwest Pa. and fish every weekend during the season. I try to find places that are less fished by most people.

If you ever want to meet up sometime to fish let me know. I live in the Greensburg area.

Good luck with the new boat.

someone that lives in sw pa…It’s really hard to find people in this part of the state that kayak…let alone kayak fish…most people I know are pure WW guys around here.So it’s nice ta meet ya.Heres my e mail...nakara69@hotmail.com…Some one called my kayak on another board “Shark Yellow” so I’ve been calling it the yellow shark…I wanna try and get a shark smile decal for the front…shoot me an e mail and maybe when the weather breaks we’ll fish…I have 0 cold weather gear atm.

Bassman and Torin2
You guys have to get over to www.riversmallies.com. You’ll find a ton of like minded folks in SW PA who kayak fish.

Don’t forget to keep around here too. Lots of good paddling information on this site. Lots of good fishing information over there.

There’s a Hookin’ Up forum where folks coordinate trips and rodeos. I think you’d be surprised how many folks from all over PA there are. Plus Maryland, which isn’t far at all from y’all. Shoot, I live in Virginia and would head up to SC PA to paddle and fish with you. I’ve always wanted to get on the Susqy or the Juniata.

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The fun part starts!
I’m a design engineer by trade so everything i purchase i look at and try to change and improve.

Drives my wife crazy sometimes as i can never seem to keep anything original. Rigging a kayak for fishing is a very personal thing as you will find.

The fun is trying and changing over and over again until you get it just right or until you see another setup that you just have to try. After approx. 5 years of kayak fishing i think i’m close to being happy with my setup. Of course there’s always new and different things coming out all the time. So who knows when i’ll be finally happy. Maybe never.

In the mean time i’m having fun fishing.

river smallies.screen name Xarog.

Saw you there!
Enjoy it. Bring your thick skin. Good folks there. Try and get to a rodeo.

You’ll see some familiar names from Paddling.net. Dirty Ed is over there. Yakbow. ShenandoahRiverRat (through there he dropped the Shenan). Me. I’m the Big D without a hyphen. The other Big-D is a good fellow from southern Virginia. Some others that use different names here and there that you’ll figure out soon enough.

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Its good site. I’ve looked before
and always enjoyed the postings. Registered as greyloon, my usual handle on kayak fishing and fishing boards (my Loon is gray, I’m gray, and am a loon) when Serge passed away so I could see what was written and get it over to texaskayakfisherman.com. Serge made an impact on that site and is how I came to know him.

belong to tkf also…tons of good info over there…I’ll never make it to texas to fish but still tons of good info

TKF and KFS are probably the two
best kayak fishing sites on the net. There are some others that are good, but not as active and with the variety of experience. Mainly, I hang on the freshwater board, smaller, more sane, and what I do and know. The most exciting kayak fishing in

Texas is being done by the beyond the breakers guys for big red fish, black drum and sharks.

Over on the fresh side, there’s been a good discussion of wooden kayaks for fishing rivers and lakes. Probably not too good for rocky rivers with lots of rapids, though.

read all I can on tkf…I mostly hang out on the kfs sight…I got a winter place in FL and the guys in the Fl section are really funny.I’ve learned so much in a matter of months it’s not even funny…I cant wait for the weather to break so I can apply some of what I learned.

Excellent site for in-shore saltwater fishing. I think if you’re interested in learning about kayakfishing in smaller rivers with rocks and current, though, that Riversmallies is the place to be. JonS, who founded KFS, actually referred me over there because I kept asking questions about river paddling and kept getting answers about getting past breakers and being sure to have an IPIRB and a compass and GPS and all manner of stuff that doesn’t mean a lick to someone fishing a river.

Despite that, I think that JonS runs a terrific site, a very good on-line store, and is without question one of the most knowledgable kayak fishermen available. When I was over there, Jim Sammons from La Jolla was also a regular contributor. If he’s not the founder of modern coastal kayak-fishing, I don’t know who else should get the honor. A real legend, but he was happy to chat with folks and give them a leg up. Awesome group. Just not into the kind of paddling I do.

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added some pic’s of the spray skirt

In yellow no less.

was an “E Bay special” got a great deal and couldn’t pass it up because of the color…now to get a yellow paddle.