Picture of the week is very nice

Just noticed that the new picture of the week is very nice. Anyone notice it.

Yes now that’s more like it !

look at that boat!


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Is that a Perception Carolina? That's what it looks like. Any other guesses or a confirmation from the poster. And yes, that's a much nicer shot than most of the more recent ones.


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didn't do much for me. My instant response was, "Uh, okay, watching sea spray from a wave hitting a rock..."

But it's a bit more exciting then picturing P140 sitting in front of that Wii thingymajiggy, pretending he is paddling... (LOL!)


I think it’s huge progress
It’s not a bowshot

It’s not a sunset

It’s not a canoe sitting quietly on a an empty lake beach

There is some three dimensional quality in the water

There is a paddler enjoying the sport.

Ugly boat though.

Yes its a Carolina 16

Hey sorry its ot more exciting sing!!
I had alot of compliments on the shot and thought maybe I should send it in and see what happens. I agree its not a great action shot buts it ok. What about this one from the weekend?

bad link
But I’m guessing it’s the shot of you(?) low bracing into the face of a very nice breaking wave from your post of surfing shots. 'Cause that is an excellent shot!

Not a bad link you just need to copy
the address into your browser. It will work then.

Hey sing I looked at your webshots and their are some photos of a SOF. Is that the one you built for Jimmy Kelly(Sirius)??

Yes, I like the other one much better… :slight_smile:

Yes. That’s the SOF frame originally for J. I got caught up in a home project and then he seemed to be all over the place geographically. Didn’t have any great incentive to finish it off. It needs ribs and a skin and it’s done. But there it sits in the basement… I wave to it everytime go down to grab my waveski to head out for some surf. :slight_smile:


Limited types
You outline several classic types of shots. Really, if you have to include a boat, some water, and maybe a paddler or two, how many different ways can they be arranged?

Well thats too bad, it looks like
it would be a awesome kayak. I would love to try one someday

Tony that is fantastic !
Congratulations on being this month’s chosen one. I truly enjoy your ho hum shots as you well know.

It is just amazing that some would put down the boat being a Perception or anything else. Folks, it is NOT the boat. It is the trip, paddle, etc. Get a grip on life. Get away from your desk, your smugness and get out on the water!

It’s The Trip!
that’s it. Looking at pics of SOMEONE else’s trip doesn’t do a thing for me. It’s like watching sports on TV doesn’t do a thing for me, though many others would disagreed.

My bad for insulting the original poster. Didn’t realize it was his pic… Normally, I don’t comment on the pics folks post. I should have stuck to that policy. Foot in mouth disease. Don’t catch it.


Nice Pic…
I like the Photo of the week… nice grab Tony.

Where can I get me one of these “extra low-volume” kayaks at?

http://tinyurl.com/ymuera :wink:

Well that I have no idea about.
What I can tell you is that the girl in the picture is quite the kayaker. She does both WW and seakayaking and she obviously likes to surf.

Hey sing thats no sweat!!!
I don’t expect all will like any photo I know I certainly don’t like most. I am glad you liked the other one.

I’ve had bad experiences with Perception
so … whatever