Pictured Rocks Beaver Lake, MI

I was planning on going to Pictured Rocks in August. I usually stay around munising…just wondering if anyone has ever been to this camping area and if it is worth the trip?

Also, how hard is the 1.5 mile hike from the camp ground to the shore line and is the shore line beach?

Appreciate all your thoughts.


Pictured Rocks
I have been to Little beaver Lake Campground in both winter and summer, hiking and kayaking and snowshoing. It is a beautiful campground, set up on a little knoll on Little Beaver Lake. There are I beleive 8 sites, all nice. 2 nice outhouses, a little kiosk type building with local hiking info.

There are plenty of hiking oppurtunites. The hike to the lakeshore goes over a boggy kind of area, but you hike on piers. You then do a small climb away from the lake and it is about a mile to Superior. It is an easy hike!

When you get out to the lake, you are on bluffs overlooking the lake and a beautiful start to 12 mile beach!! There is also a backcountry campsite, The Coves there. If you go to the West, you will get to Spray Falls and eventually Chapel Beach which is nice.

If you head east, you eventually come to Beaver Creek. The trail continues along the lake or you can follow the stream back to Beaver Lake and along the shore of Beaver Lake, where it connects with the Trail you originally hiked out on which makes for a nice loop!!

There is a trail that follows the the south shore of Beaver lake that you could hike to Trapper Lake, again a nice hike, relatively flat.

While you are in the area, go to the Beaver Basin Overlook Road and into the Beaver Basin Overlook, where you are on a Big Bluff that faces Beaver Lake. It is nice!!

If you have a canoe or kayak, Little Beaver Lake is nice and there is a small outlet that connects you with Beaver Lake. You can paddle/float down Beaver Creek almost to the Lake. There is huge log jam at the end that prevents you from floating right into the Lake. If you fish, the fishing is supposed to be good!!

Enjoy your vacation!

Winter Pics from Beaver Lake:


…is the keyword here. The Pictured Rocks are cliffs that drop straight into the lake. There is a nice campground a bit south of Munising…take H13 south and you’ll see it two or three miles after the intersection with 445. Nice small lake(s) to play on. Also if you take 445 east from H13 you’ll find the Big Island Canoe area…very nice spot…haven’t been in years but it was lightly used, trails between lakes weren’t well marked (get a topo)…great get away spot for day paddling, don’t think you can camp there.

Sand Point in Munising is beach. As you go east to the Pictured Rocks area it’s mostly cliff, and there are stretches without a safe place to land. There’s more beach further east towards Au Sable.

There’s a nice campground right on the lakeshore in downtown Grand Marais.

Camp on Grand Island
Just returned from that area. Loved it!

If you’re interested in seeing photos you can find them at:


Getting to your question, I’m not familiar with your camp site, but I found some nice campsites on Grand Island. Additionally primative camping is permitted on Grand Island.

Good luck


12 mile beach
12 mile beach is an awesome camp ground. It is out in the middle of nowhere but I love it. It is one of my favorite campgrounds in Michigan. It is right on the Lake Superior shore. Absolutely wonderful.

12 mile beach?
Do you access this from the water or by car? I somehow missed this launch site/campsite


Map of PIRO

Aerial view

I ran out of time
Ran out of time before running out of paddling. I guess we’re just going to have to go back (grin).


awesome pics wade! the winds must
have been in your favor for that trip. Just got back from doing miners beach to the sea arch today and it was awesome. Wind coming in from the west made it look a little rougher than the shots you took. I need to make it a point to do grand island. That was in my plan but mother nature didnt cooperate as much as I had hoped.