Pictured Rocks cliff avalanche




What are the chances it would fall right at that moment? Just a bit closer and it would have been disastrous.

The video played only an ad for the Choctaw Nation.


That’s CNN for you. Sometimes you have to restart the video a few times before you get to see the main content. Try this version.


Spalling. Falling.
Someone starts to drone.
Pictured rocks produce with shocks,
stage fallout with rolling stones.

You won’t get far by one cliff bar,
some paddlers bonk in dread.
A Superior waved timeless sneer,
“Just little splash my friends.”

Now when the Burj Khalifa blows a gasket and starts burpin’ up…err, down 320 square foot panes of pain, well then, best get real minimalist down there Philip’d on Glass.

Thanks, Dave!

I hope walking on top of that cliff isn’t allowed. The rock must be pretty fragile or crumbly—“friable” might be the word for it.

The trail runs pretty close to the cliff edge in places.

Here is a closer video from the kayak group


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Wonder why he stopped filming. go pro got cover in holy $h!t? i’m late but I just saw this post.