Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore

Can anyone suggest an area to go to at Pictured Rocks to see the colors? Not real interested in caves and rock formations, just want to see the colors. Where is a good place to put in? (We must take out at the same location) Looking for a nice paddle with a few rest stops, and an over night would be nice to maybe. Can’t paddle long distances without getting out for a stretch.

Will be in the area a few days before the GLSKS Symposium. Anyone want to join us?


Pictured Rocks
Put in at Miner’s Castle in Munising. You can paddle east along the prettiest portion of PR with lots of caves and GR8 colors. Beware of wakes from tour boats if it is flat enough to paddle in the caves.

put-in at Miner’s Beach
I thought I read some where that there was a 1/4 mile carry to Miner’s beach from the parking area, and then a bunch of stairs? Yes/No? I don’t think my wife could manage the carry. Hope this isn’t true. Thanks for the previous info Reggi

Miner’s Beach Carry
It is true that you have to carry everything to the beach. The path is planked with wood about two feet wide, goes through the picnic area. You must go down a set of steps to get to the beach. It does seem like a long carry with a boat on your shoulder but I know it is less than a 1/4 mile.

You may consider putting in at Sand Point and paddling up to Miners Beach approximately 4.3 miles. Sand Point is flat and a short carry to the water. Parking in limited so try to get there early on nice days. From Miners Beach to Mosquito Beach is another 5 miles but there is some nice cliffs and scenery in that section. That would make it about a 18-19 mile paddle but do able.

Another option from Sand Point is to paddle across to Grand Island and paddle up the East side to Trout Bay. There are lots of cliffs a few small caves to play and usually some small falls to paddle under and cool off in. To Trout Bay and return is is around 12-13 miles. This trip is usually offered as part of the symposium.

If you are going to the Great Lakes Symposium you will be able to sign up for trips at Picutred rocks area for one or both of the days trips are offered. Trips leave from Sand Point, Miner’s Beach, and Munising.

Enjoy the area it is one of my favorite areas to paddle.

Thanks Jetter!
Thanks for the info on the carry at Miner’s Beach. We’re looking to see the colors on the rocks. What’s it like between Sand point/Miner’s Beach, and Miner’s Beach/Mosquito Beach as far as seeing colors go?



Sand Point to Miner’s Beach
agongos, I seem to recall that the cliffs in that section are quite impressive and tall, though perhaps not quite as colorful as the shoreline further east of Miner’s Beach, as jetter says. There are also some smaller but pretty sea caves in that section just northeast of Sand Point.

jetter describes the carry at Miner’s Beach quite accurately (although I recollect that the boardwalk is more like three feet wide) and it was made easier by pairing up to carry only one boat at a time, then going back for the second boat.

Here’s the travelogue of our trip there a couple years ago:


And some additional photos:


Have a great trip!


Miner’s Beach Carry
Miner’s Beach is definitely the place to put in, then head east to Mosquito River mouth/campground. It is some great cliffs with color. The carry at Miner’s is not bad at all. It might take you 3-5 minutes to carry from the parking lot to the beach. If you both took an end of a kayak and did each in separate trips, it might take you 10 minutes. The hardest part is descending the steps. They were supposed to put in a separate parking place for kayakers; anyone know if it is done yet? I haven’t put in at Miner’s since '06 and they were just talking about it then.