Pictures - H2Oproof iPhone case

Looking for LEAST amount of distortion,

when taking pictures with iPhone from canoe/kayak.

Some use hard plastic, some use flexible soft plastic,

some have no holes at all for the picture feature.

Seeking personal picture experiences only…

I can find the cases easily enough on the internet.

Just won’t buy 20 of them to test them all.

Local paddling clubs often have people showing

up with iPhones at group paddles. I personally stick

to my Pentax Optio Wpi waterproof digital camera.

Aqua Box
This is the one I got recently. I haven’t noticed any difference in picture quality in or out of the case.

My favorite thing about this case is that it takes 2 seconds to put on, take off.

My previous case was very nice for form factor (I think it was called “Amphibian”), but it took a couple minutes to put on or take off, and the picture quality was very fuzzy.

Tether for a Floaty

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How are you securing it, tether, lanyard, floaty ?
Rumor has it , many cases sink, very small air pocket.

Not sure if these type things cut it:


Sorry I haven’t tested taking photos but thought I’d share as this is a nice, very waterproof and durable case. I also use their headphones so I can now call my wife to tell her I’m running late on the water if needed.

Checking reviews

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Some reviews claimed yellowing of the soft plastic case
- thumbs down - especially at $ 80 per Amazon

only had it five months or so
no yellow yet but could happen I guess.

Leaning towards - The PaleKai
Dual Sharpvue lenses preserve iPhone’s

pictures and videos capabilities

hardcase vs softcase
Anyone feel there are advantages, discuss pro/con ?

either should be fine, other criteria…
A way to secure with a lanyard is important.

For me the ability to use waterproof headphones is nice if I want to call home to say I’m running late since they make it easier to hear with wind.

Overall bulk could be important if putting into a pocket.

Either way be sure you can use the touch screen.

O-ring like seals (as opposed to say roll up ones) are better. Most hard cases would be this way and some like my h20audio case also are.

Comes with float and lanyard
If I have it in my PFD, I use the included lanyard.

It also comes with a floating wrist strap.

BTW, this case doesn’t work with flash, but I don’t use it indoors, so I haven’t had a problem with that.

slimmer, but seems a little light-weight
You get the same functionality with the AquaBox (meaning, you can only use the home button), but it seems a lot more robust. The fact that you need three screws to close the PaleKai, and that you can squeeze the case to operate the power button makes me wonder whether the case is stiff enough to keep the seal tight all the way around the case.

Granted the AquaBox is super bulky, but I feel really confident about the waterproofness.

Aquabox isn’t specific to Iphone4, and has a bit of extra space for other devices to fit, so you need to put some padding in to keep the phone in place. I just put a layer of adhesive 1/8" minicell in the back of the case, and that worked well.

Works very well and vacuum seals the phone in. Don’t add to much negative pressure otherwise Siri will keep pestering you.

DryCase by DryCorp. $40.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

link to any pictures
Would love to see pics you took with the case…?

Here is a link to a few of photos I took through a SealLine eCase. I don’t think the quality is that great but I don’t think the quality of any camera phone is that great even w/o shooting through a case.

Works just fine
You brought up the “convenience” side of photography,

and for the camera/phone combo the pics are quite

acceptable for stuff like general social media posts.

The manufacturer with the idea of sucking the air

out of the case via a squish bulb and one way valve

  • might help to keep the plastic case flat against

    the lens of the camera, for less condensation/fogging.