Pictures of Supernova or MR Guide

Does anyone have pictures of these boats?

Here’s the company page for the MR.

The photo shows the rocker well.

I mean “real” pictures…not just catalog stuff.

Thanks though!

Clarion’s supernova

I’m pretty sure thats what this is. Brian?

Here yer go wit a real Vermont Guide pic

How’d yer like de paint job!

Fat Elmo

Here’s 2 Supernova’s

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Couldn't find my pics of theBob's Guide, but here's Sloopsailor's kevlar Supernova and Guideboatguy's royalex boat. WW

Great Pics
thanks for posting?

yea that was my Super
It’s Pykers now

I think that I’m going to look just like you when I go white! We’re such handsome men!

Here is a good pic of my Supernova
This pic clearly shows the rocker and the round bottom.

Here are a few more.

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I have rather few shots of that boat. Here they are.

In case you don't know, there's a "full-size" button at the top right corner of the screen when viewing photos on Webshots (the button is normally out of sight with some monitors, or with the window size you get when following a link there as in this case).