Pictures of the june 2006 flood

The second tag is from 6/27 and the first is from today 6/28 enjoy

That’s a lot of water. I hope you folks catch a break soon.

Is it flooded in Strasburg?
We are hoping to go there July 2-7th.

Now we are wondering if we will be able to get there at all. I hate to tow my travel trailer there and then discover once we get there it’s flooded. I called the campground and they said it’s fine. We are planning on staying at Mill Bridge Village Camp

Hope it dries up before long.


I guess
that the drive-thru is closed.

Stay dry, and get ready for the clean up.

Don’t make me…
…start posting pictures of what Wilma left behind.

Only water? Pfffffft. No wind damage? Buncha amateurs.

Just kidding - hope you came out OK. My brother lives in Yardley PA and it floods every year. Luckily his home is on high ground.

/off to check the NHC web site

Flood pictures
Hey, I saw some of that same water that last two days with our church group while we were doing clean up and recovery in Yardley. I too live on high ground and have been dry for the past three floods. I recognized the gas station and McD’s across from the forks of the Delaware.

Had to cancel our Youth Group canoe/kayak trip in the Pine Barrens, but the folks in Yardley really needed the help as does everyone along the rivers from Harrisburgh east. Hope to see you on the river


Those are really something. I do love the irony of the McDonalds drive thru open 24hrs sign.

Burger King today
I was in that vicinity today. The Burger King was open but out of many things because trucks could not make their deliveries, last week.

Gas was $2.79.

drive through?? heck paddle through
You should have gotten a pick with a boat on its way by the drive through :slight_smile:

Hope you folks dry out sooner or later, during most of that i was in Jersey for work, but in a dryer part of Jersey