Pictures while paddling...

Saw this today on a digital photography site… very intriguing little gadget for keeping track of WHERE you snapped that great photo.

It’s interesting but
I wouldn’t want exact locations for any photos noted.

It may have some use for law inforcement but I can’t see a good reason to use it for nature or paddling photos.

I can see it
I tend to just bring the camera up at moments when I can hold back a bit, or we are nearing a stop point, and shoot willy-nilly. In a place where we know the waters (and land shapes) it’s no big deal to figure out later where they were taken. But if I were on a long trip in unfamiliar territory, especially if camping and couldn’t download the pics to a PC on a daily basis, it could come in pretty handy. Just compare the locations to a chart and you have a lot more info than my 50-plus yr old brain can retain.

Maybe, but probably not…
I don’t know, to me this would take the fun out of looking at the pictures.

When we get home from a trip we usually download all the photos into a file with the place name and dates…then we have fun looking back through them and re-discovering what we did…or noticing things in the pics we didn’t notice when we were there…and this usually leads to rememberings…“yeah, remember when we were here, and right after the pic you fell back into the water…”, etc, etc.

And sometimes we enjoy going back to the same place and trying to find that thing or place in the pic again…the joy being in the search and re-discovery…if I had the location it might take the fun out of it since I can just go right back to it.

Pretty cool though, and I can see its applications…just not on family fun trips.

perfect gearhead toy
and of course I want one. Won’t ever buy one but if Santa wants to bring me one…along with an Anas Acuta and a plastic Nordkapp…


Well I think it is such a really neat toy I want one!

digital camera + GPS

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I usually paddle with one of my Garmin GPSs and after paddling I download tracks from GPS to MapSource on my PC. A digital camera (Pentax Optio W10 in my case) provides a time when each pictures was shot with a lot of other technical information. It's not difficult to match the picture time with a time from GPS track to find the location where the picture was taken.

There is even a simple software to do this job automatically, but I haven't tried it yet.

I am also trying to put my pictures on Google maps (on-line or for Google Earth), e.g.,

Of course, a real GPS unit has some other uses for paddling than just tracking locations of pictures.