Pigeon Forge, TN -- Kayak Stores?

I’m going to TN at the end of next month. Are there any Big Kayak stores near buy that I can check out a good selection of White Water boats… Can’t find anything online… Couple of stores near by, but not much of a web site to see what they have

Any one know?



Just go over the line to NC
and go to the Nantahala Outdoor Center.

It is one of the largest in the area.

Jack L

Rock Creek Outfitters
Rock Creek in Chattanooga might be closer to you. They also have a store in Ocoee, TN but it is closed for the season.

Second NOC
The Nantahala River is right there and whitewater kayaking is their specialty. Its a big store…you need a couple of hours.

I’m a TN. local…N.O.C. store in Galtin

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N.O.C. has a new store in Galtinburg. Coming from P.F., go THRU G'burg. N.O.C. is the last thing on the left as U head toward Sugarlands V.C. 4 GSMNP.
on Wed. we will be paddling from Chimmeys p.G. thru G'burg all the way to P. F.,taking out upstream of the mill.
Shoot me a P.M. and I'll show ya sum Smokie Mnt. creekn, when unzs come down

That is great news!

Been there a couple times
And it’s a great store but not as thoroughly into boats as the original. Best to call ahead if you’re looking for specific boats.

does it have paddling accessories Steve?
I often wind up in Gatlinburg because its in my way. I was looking forward to going there instead of merely enduring tourists…

if this rain
Keeps up you may not be able to take out until Chattanooga.

Ryan L.

Thanks for the info everyone.


Yup, but
Off season I would call ahead if you’re looking for specifics. It’s sort of skewed to park visitor needs. Assume you guys are headed S.?

Run thru G’burg to ???
Hey Radio, u gonnR B at River Bend[ in Chatt.] with a rope 2 catch us. If not, with these flows, we’ll be eating supper sum’airs on the banks of the Big Muddy

Driving through Knoxville?
Check out http://riversportsoutfitters.com

i can only imagine
The technically sections are gone, one big washing machine. 20 mph until you hit Townsend. All the old low head dams are just bumps.

Seriously though, you could just go till you hit sweet p’s BBQ.

Ryan L.

change of plans
we are going 2 Cosby Creek

canoe shop…
i remember there being a canoe/kayak/outdoor shop somewhere on RT 73 aka Lamar Alexander Pkwy aka Rt 321… seems it was nearer to Marysville area …but its been 2 yrs since i was in that area. Little River Trading Company ??? 2408 E.Lamar Alexander pkwy?

little river
Is in Maryville, but not really a paddle shop.

In Knoxville, River Sports is the main retailer of paddling gear.

Ryan L.