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Tell me about these exercises. Anyone do them? Do you think they are effective?

Sort of Pilates
I use a big, slightly underinflated ball to relieve back tension. I plan on doing some actual exercises this year now that I am walking upright. I’ll let you know.


very effective
at least for me “your actual mileage may vary” The most effective thing that I have found in relation to kayaking is yoga, primarily the standing asanas (positions) as they rely upon and promote core strength, the flexability is also helpful.

As far as I am aware most people can do Pilates. It is a form of exercise designed to work and tone your “core” muscles.

I recommend you have a look on the intrenet or your local bookshop. There are loads of varieties out there so you are sure to find one that is good for you.

My wife got me the big ball for
Christmas and I opened the package last night. It said the exercises were based on Pilates core strength principles which were developed to rehab soldiers in WW1.

Right now, my back is in serious need of rehab so I hope these work.

Thanks for your comments.

Great low impact workout.
If I had kept up with them, I would be in far better shape. Combined with swimming or another aerobic activity you can get a pretty good workout. They have some programs that use light weights and these work on the rest of the muscle groups. I can’t do yoga because I can’t get into many of the positions without damaging joints. (most people don’t have this problem)I can do basic Pilates without a problem.

A good book is ‘Pilates body in motion’ by Alycea Ungaro. It has good explanations and pictures. It’s critical to do them right to get the benefit and prevent injury. You will recognize some of the stuff from your childhood PE classes.

I have some permanent injuries that keep me out of exercise classes, but I can do Pilates. They even use some of the exercises for wheelchair and bedridden patients in rehab and nursing homes.

Go for it! Let us know how it works for you.

good instructor
There are both pilates that are done on the ground and a variety of exercises done on the excercise ball. Both are very good for the back. It may be worth while taking a class through your local YMCA or excercise club and learn proper technique from a certified instructor. Unfortunately, not everyone teaching these classes necessarily knows what they are doing. they are useful for other problem areas, my paddling partner (wife), who is a certified instructor, is always working on me, usually with some success, when I let her. (hey, I am a bull headed male, what do you expect?)

Powerful tool very effective in right

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hands. and like all powrful tools, capable of damage if used by the novice. Get a good instructor, move gently. Do not compete, if in a class, listen to your own body.

Ahhh for the days I spent two hours a day in the gym! A workout, then a class or a sauna..... This work thing just bites!