pimping trailers, part 2

i know some people have very good systems on towing their crafts around, redmond and his pictures being one that helped me think through how to do it, here is my solution: http://good-times.webshots.com/album/559330915FzhRpY

hope it helps someone crystalize their thoughts on building one.

i’ve had a friend who’s a carpenter, you know, like jesus, go through the trailer and he’s fine with the sturdiness of the cradles. i’d guess the cost of everything comes to just under $500: $350 for the trailer, the rest for needed tools, materials and other misc. items. that sure beats the commercial, single purpose, kayak trailers that costs over $1,000.

i’ve taken it on the freeways and the trailer is very stable. the car does feel a little sluggish going uphill but that’s expected.

the best part is the cradles are removable so i’m in the process of building another set that can carry my sunfish sailboat.

Very cool!
Good job – thanks for sharing.

Nice Job!

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Creativity is an awesome thing!

I was also thinking the other day about another trailer benefit. If you want to know how your boats are riding, just look in the rear view mirror!

Good job!
Good job! Where did the trailer come from for $350? It looks like a kit of some sort…

harbor freight
i know people knock it, but as long as you know the limitations of the trailer and don’t do anything harsh or stupid with it, harbor freight trailers are fine. especially for people on a budget! besides, i promised my wife i’d try to have one under $500 (actually, i promised her that would include the cost of the hitch. it didn’t happen. but bless her heart, she’s fine with it.)

btw, the trailer is hf’s “boat trailer with 8’ wheels,” which is on sale at their website for $299 right now. i know 8’ tires are a tad on the small side, but you can swap them out with a pair of 12’ without any modifications.

trailer dimensions
The pics provide a method of determining how much hardware to buy. How wide are the cradles? I will be transporting two boats, and may leave a wider bay in the middle for bikes, etc. My “platform” is a small boat trailer I picked up for $150…