Pine Barrens Functional Freestyle Symposium

Coming up in soon: THE PINE BARRENS FUNCTIONAL FREESTYLE SYMPOSIUM in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

The root of Freestyle Canoeing is the accurate and efficient use of the paddle, body and boat. Many people may associate freestyle canoeing with the Interpretive canoe routines, but the basic techniques used by freestylers make canoeing easier (and fun). Whether you are traveling to your next campsite, or twisting down a narrow Pine Barrens stream, doing it efficiently makes a difference at the end of the day.

Hopefully, once you learn some basics in the Functional Freestyle class, you’ll want to learn more at one of the other canoe symposiums. Learning the advanced techniques will allow you to accurately put your boat in the right spot for the situation, and then set up for your next move.

With practice, you’ll become one with your boat. Conscious thought about which stroke or maneuver to use next will vanish, giving way to spontaneous transitions. The flow of strokes and maneuvers will become as natural as walking down a narrow path through the woods. You’ll learn to love your Canoe.

Full information is on the FreeStyle website at

Only a few weeks left before the PINE BARRENS FUNCTIONAL FREESTYLE CANOEING WORKSHOP. October 13-15 in Medford, New Jersey.
You’ll have a helluva good time as you learn to paddle like the devil. To reserve your spot, register soon at .

Last year I attended and found it to be a great clinic for learning use of the single blade. Fantastic venue they have.

I had considered myself quite experienced and capable with the single blade and was stunned to discover how much I didn’t know.

Highly recommended

Last call to register for the Pine Barrens Functional Freeestyle Canoeing Workshop —October 13-15 in Medford NJ. Learn to “paddle like the devil”, or to beat the devil (The Jersey Devil) on the narrow, twisty streams of the Pine Barrens Preserve. Reserve your spot now, while there is still time. Full details at

The long range weather forecast looks great.

The following summary is from Bruce Kemp.

“The 2017 edition of the Pine Barrens Functional FreeStyle Canoeing Workshop was one of our best events ever. A fine student group of able paddlers who quickly picked up on the fundamentals of FS technique, and in particular how to use and vary those techniques in real-life, moving water paddling. It was a Joy, on the river, to watch them employ, experiment with, and modify what had been taught in the classes - but also to then take those principles and expand on them, on their own, to meet a particular paddling situation. A quintessential illustration of the process of becoming “fluent in paddling”. Y’all shoulda been there, we had a great time…”

Photos are available on the Freestyle Canoeing Facebook page