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hi, i am planning a trip on the pine creek the last weekend in april and i am thinking about using pine creek outfitters for a shuttle. has anyone used this service? staying at hotel friday night, iam thinking of the canyon hotel in the town of wellsboro and camping on the river sat night any imput would be a help. thanks bob

Pinecreek Outfitters
Really nice and imformative folks. They have waterproof maps for sale and will mark the strainers for you. Last trip on Pine Creek they drove our truck to the take out in Ansonia for $30.00 and it was waiting for us. Have fun. Great creek.


Pine Creek
Just pulled in the driveway after four days on the West Rim Trail. Used Pine Creek Outfitters to shuttle us to Blackwell, then we walked back to our car at their parking lot.

Nice drive down with one of their staff, he told us that the water is very low this year, so the sooner you go the better. It was hard for us to judge the level 1000ft above the creek, but we did notice that a lot of the runs and drainages were low or dry. It has been so dry that there is a fire ban in place through out Tioga State Forest.

Very positive experience dealing with Pine Creek Outfitters.

pine creek penn
hiking,biking,canoeing,are my 2nd favorite things to do i cant wait to get out there. i hope it rains before we go.

Me and A few friends come up the weekend after easter every year, we just got back on sunday the 23rd. We use the shuttle every year. We usually let them shuttle 2 cars. Its only 32 bucks a car and well worth the money. They have never beat on our cars or anything like that. The first few years We checked the mileage to be sure, and its about 30 miles give or take a few to shuttle your car. But we dont even check now. They are great with taking care of things at Pine creek Outfitters. The lady who works during the day(name??) is great. She knows the creek very well and will give advise on things. The water level was good for rafting this time so Have a ball

we have heared nothing but good things about these folks cant wait till friday! did you need wetsuits when you went i cant seem to find the water temp. did you have a favorite campsite along the way? thanks for the posts bob

pine creek penn
must have hit the wrong key with the pole thing!

I don’t know anything about Pine Crk but
I love to go to Wellsboro. Usually motorcycle trips but also mountain biking in the state forests. Very nice little town and great for strolling around. I always stay in the Penn Wells hotel. The rooms are a little thread bare but the lobby is great and the bar is always fun. People come from miles around for the Saturday buffet in the dining room. A few other places to eat in town too. You’ll probably need to carbo load- so make sure you stop at the candy shop.

some photos of this weekends pattle on the pine. moose were in vermont was just to lazy to take them off the memory stick. did 18 miles on sat. and 12 on sunday avg speed was 4 miles per hour top speed was 8 both of us paddling solos. had a great campsite with a small stream and waterfall.

Nice thanks for posting that
Sweet looking trip.