Pinholeing Rainbow

My 87 glass C1 Rainbow appears to have more weave pinholes every year.I imagine this brings more frictional resistance. Its stored inside.The interior appears to be raw, resin poor, unpainted?, white ~glass. The exterior is thin skin coat,(cream color).I can see light coming through in one place above the waterline. Will this fine canoe go colander? Is there a cure? Thanks for your advice. B!ll

Do you mean leaking pinholes, or just
pits in the weave? When I bought my '82 Noah, it did have some minor leaking through pinholes. The guys doing the layup had been too aggressive and had left the cloth starved for resin. The boat also had some fuzzing from scraping the bottom.

I rolled on a few layers of West epoxy, over the suspect layers. I also put a couple of Kevlar layers inside in the cockpit area where (because I was converting the boat from its C-1 form to its k-1 form) the boat needed more reinforcement.

I suppose you could also use some form of varnish. Maybe someone can suggest a likely choice.

Rolling on epoxy is a somewhat thankless task, and much more sanding is needed at the end than would be the case with varnish. Check West’s instructions for rolling on epoxy in their technical stuff on their website.

Some leaking pin holes but
I guess not a big contributer to the total water accumulated. There are many more pits in the weave.

Maybe I`ll try the Red Rock spar varnish technique.

just to plug and fill holes for a few more years.

The West way is probably better but takes more time,and money commitment. Thanks for pointing to the alternatives. B!ll