Pink Kayak

Ocean Kayak makes a pink kayak in
a SOT, the venus or something like that. Its for smaller paddlers, allegedly designed for women, but the capacity is low. The pink ones are difficult to come buy. Build your own and paint it pink, or buy fiberglass and paint or have it painted pink.

Necky’s website indicates that the Eliza comes in Fuschia. They are also contributing to the Breast Cancer fund.

Not ONLY does the OK venus
come in Pink, but since the Venus was designed for women and is molded in PINK, I think they are donating to Breast Cancer for every boat purchased… I think that is what I read somewhere. Caught my eye since both my Gmothers died of BC.


Dicks has pink kayaks
saw one recently at Dick’s sporting goods in Jacksonville, Fl. I think it was an Otter.

OK in pink in Paddler
just arrived in the mail - shows one in pink in a feature on women’s gear.

Someone pointed out
that Jackson makes pink kayaks, apparently an attempt to get young girls interested in paddling. Great idea.

I was told I could order any Jackson I wanted in pink. Thought about doing it, but then decided I don’t hold onto boats very long typically and if I went to sell it, the pink color limits the potential market a bit. Maybe Sing would buy it from me. :slight_smile:


pink market
I want pink boats so my son and his buddies won’t borrow mine :slight_smile:

thanks for the info- I will check around.

Feelfree Kayaks

Click the color wheel…

Necky Eliza in poly
The new Necky Eliza in poly comes in hot pink.

Pink kayak
Dicks has an otter sport that is pink $299 in

Madison Wi.

Pink Kayak
On One Of Our Recent Outings One Of Our Club Members Had A Pink Wilderness Tsunami Kayak Which Stood Out Check It Out here:

pink kayak
yes, ocean kayak at dicks sporting goods.