Pink Kayak

Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a pink kayak? Thanks.

The closest thing I’ve seen is the pink canoe that Wenonah made for the breast cancer awareness events. Never seen a pink kayak.

Pink Avocet
I saw a pink avocet at Riverside Kayak Connection

Jackson WW Kayak
BMO has a pink Jackson 2 Fun in stock.

Jackson did a couple years ago

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pink kayak
I’ve actually started looking for one:)

So far, I’ve seen some SOTs at Aqua-Adventures. A typical plastic boat and something that looks like a composite - very sleek and minimal. Southwind’s website has a picture of one from San Juan Kayaks.

In photographs, it appears that a burgundy fade changes to pink.

The color of a kayak is really more important than a rudder or skeg:)

Pink SOTs
Ocean Kayak has 2 models of Sit-on-tops that come in pink, the Venus 10 and Venus 11. Check out for actual photos, specs, etc…

Thought I saw some pink ones in a magazine article.

I seen a pink Avocet

Dick’s has one…

Link to store locator.

Ocean Kayak Venus II Kayak

Buy USED here…

Used 9 foot Kiwi…

has both a pintail and stinger in pink. Closeout prices too. Both are excellent river running boats.

I saw that same pink avocet at RKC as well… :slight_smile:

Not to expose a feminine side, but I thought it looked pretty cool.

Cool. :slight_smile:
I would paddle one.


Most manufacturers of composite kayaks will, upon custom order, make the boat in pretty much any color you want. So, yeah, pink would be available. There is a pink-decked Romany or Explorer here in New England I’ve seen. Place your order now for Spring delivery :wink:

NDK (now Sea Kayaking UK)

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Fiona Whitehead paddled a pink Greenlander Race on her circumnavigation of Great Britian.

At least one poster has a pink Explorer LV.

Pink Kayak
My wife’s romany has all pink trim, cockpit and tape, and this weekend I installed a pink keel strip on it. Very feminine…sheesh. At least it will not be stolen, too easy to recognise…


I think she calls it Pepto-pink
> At least one poster has a pink Explorer LV.

Almost any composite manufacturer
who uses gel coat will take care of that.

Seaward has fuschia
Check out, if only because its so much fun to play with their color-chooser. They also will do air-brush graphics if you want to spend the money.