Pink or purple kayak for wife

My wife and I started kayaking several years ago. We started with pelican 10 footers. Last year I upgraded to a 12 foot fishing kayak. I love it. I made the mistake of letting my wife take out my 12 footer. Now she wants one. The problem I am having is that she wants a pink or purple 12 foot sit in kayak. I really do not want to go more than about 600$. Any suggestions? I saw a purple camo at bass pro shops last fall but now I can not find it.

Necky Eliza

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Necky Eliza does (or at least did) come in pink. A little over your price range, and longer than you were looking for. But if you got, this would be a boat that likely would cause you to want a new kayak in some manly color, if she ever lets you paddle it.

Ocean Venus if SOT OK
And not a particularly fast etc boat. But is is pink.

OK Venus
When we shopped for new kayaks, my wife chose the Venus 11 mainly bc it is pink. My son and I went with Widly Tarpons. It didn’t take long for her to see there are plenty of reasons to go with the Tarpon even though it doesn’t come in pink. The main thing being that the seats are not in the same leauge. My advice would be to not chose based mainly on color.

Hurricane Phoenix 120 Kayak Sit On Top Kayak used to come in purple, don’t know if it still does, if you could find a used one maybe would be in your price range

Pink Is Excellent Choice For Visibility
I use to wear a pink inflatable pfd paddling miles offshore during open ocean races. The chase boat skippers loved it because they could see me miles away, and so could my competition.

Jackson Tupelo
the Jackson Tupelo rec kayak comes in a sweet “Flamingo” color combo. I’d buy it just for the removable camp seat :slight_smile:

There’s a HOT Pink OK Scupper…
In my yard… NOT mine but pink boats are out there.

Go with Peter ’ s suggestion.
The original post has 2 main points.

  1. She likes pink and purple.
  2. She appreciates better performance.

    Give her a kayak where she can outperform the boys, and you’ll have an appreciative, happy, and confident partner.

It is NOT “hot pink”. Perish the thought! I’m pretty sure Sally concurs as well, seeing as it was HER first boat, and sees red (raspberry red, that is).

It a classic raspberry red, quite befitting as it’s a classic Ocean Kaysk Scupper Classic. And it’s not hot, merely warm, sitting there along-side your pathway…

But if the OP can indeed find one, it very WELL could be the boat for his wife to use and happily


-Frank in Miami.

Pink Eliza
for sale on CL. $800 including fiberglass paddle.

But the OP would have to travel or ship.

out Malibu Kayaks:

If you want something more performance oriented, they will build one in pink at no additional cost. I have the X-13 (13’10" length) and it’s a bit better in performance compared to my Prowler 13 Trident, former Prowler 15’, Perception Search 15’, and Wilderness 16’. It’s not light at 60lbs, but the performance is excellent with better speed, glide, tracking than those I listed.

Raspberry Smaspberry it’s PINK…
Maybe a dark pink…

second the Jackson Tupelo
You are going to be more around $700 to $800 for a decently built 12 foot sit inside kayak with a good seat. The Flamingo color combo (purplish-pink, blue and white) in the Jackson Tupelo is their take on the wildly popular Wilderness Systems Pungo 12. What’s a couple hundred dollars extra to make your wife happy?