Pink Paddling Gloves

Hi everyone! I’m new to this site. I’ve been kayaking for years around my family’s summer house & recently purchased my own kayak - the women’s calypso kayak from LLBean, along with a life jacket, paddle & cockpit cover - all in the Wild Rose/PINK color!!

I’m super excited to use it & would love to find a pair of PINK kayak gloves that match.

Has anyone used these?

And if so, would you recommend them? If not, are there any other PINK kayak gloves you would recommend?


The Link is Not
"paddling gloves", they are swimming gloves, used by tri-althetes/distance swimmers. I haven’t seen pink paddling gloves, but I’m sure they make them. Keep looking and enjoy the water.

pink link…
it 's a long shot but …!

pink paddling gloves
if ya gotta have pink, you gotta have them…

$22 AUS = $18.56 at current exchange rates,

plus shipping from Down Under.

So let’s say $24 for gloves. When you lose one…and you will… ouch! But hey, no one will take your gloves by mistake!

If you eBay and can live without pink:

I bought three new pairs: 2 black and 1 blue in paddling gloves (1 by Crack of Dawn, 2 by Harbinger) for about $18 total incl. shipping, from 3 different sellers.

It’s nice to rotate them, esp. on cold days when the first pair is soggy…or when one glove has temporarily gone astray.

The black ones esp. don’t show the grime '-)

those are awesome!

You should meet my wife…
you two could just “pink out” all day.

A pink cockpit cover for her birthday might just tickle her pink. Thanks for the idea.

She found a pair of black and pink gloves at an excercise gym called “Curves”. They cater exclusively to women.

She likes them a lot.

Best of luck,


Cockpit cover
Unfortunately the cockpit cover is the only thing that isn’t pink - it’s black :frowning: Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

Those ARE awesome!!
It also says minimum order of 5, so if I lose one I’d be all set haha!

Harbinger makes a pair that’s black with a pink trim & they sell them at a store near me, so I’ll check them out :slight_smile:

makes a very nice paddling glove - my two pairs in black have worn like iron… the blue pair too, but it has faded, which might happen w. an all-pink glove.

Black w. pink is very cool…you will combine style w. practicality '-)

I’m passionate about colors as well - for my red decked seakayaks I favor red/black/gray gear.

For my yellow/white sit on top I did the seat in a cobalt blue neo fabric w. white flowers, Hawaiian style, then accessorized with anchor, scupper plugs, paddle leash and thigh straps all in cobalt blue, and got an Astral Abba in the same deep blue. The paddle is ivory w. a cobalt blue tip and blue lettering, by Bending Branches, which I confess to having all along.

So I totally capeche what you’re after!

Can you tell me
where to buy the harbinger gloves? They do look great!

pink gloves
the Speedos won’t work – you need to be able to have your paddle fit into the web between your thumb and index finger. And it doesn’t look like the backs stretch enough to be comfy over the long run.

But I’ve used stretch nylon bicycling gloves with the padded palms for paddling on several occasions when both of my kayaking gloves were wet or mislaid. Those are pretty commonly available in pink.

I gave up on color coordination long ago. In fact if both gloves match, I figure I’m lookin’ snappy. At this point I often resemble a tossed salad in my spinach green or tomato red kayak with carrot orange PFD, blueberry deck bag, lime green shirt and lemon yellow hat. And the bilge sponge kinda looks like a crouton. I’ve considered carving a wooden paddle with a spoon on one end and a fork on the other…

Pearl Isumi

these are intended as cycling gloves, but serve well for paddling.

What do you want them to do?
What purpose would you like the gloves to serve? Do your hands get cold? Are you worried about blisters? Do you need sun protection?

You don’t necessarily need gloves for kayaking, unless there’s some specific problem you’re trying to solve.

If it’s blister or sun protection, try some gardening gloves. They’re cheap, and tons of them are pink.

Thank you!! I love them - I’m buying them!!

I need them to…
prevent blisters & also for sun protection

nate, I’ve found cycling and paddling
gloves, fingerless, to improve paddle grip while canoeing. The only reason I use them for kayaking is to prevent a mysterious skin breakdown problem in my palms which has first appeared in late advancing middle age.

I don’t think full fingered gardening gloves look promising compared to what I have found already.