Pintail and Anas

I’m starting to feel the itch for a second boat.

I currently own a Nordkapp and I’m very happy with it as an expedition/overnight kayak but I would like a smaller volume, more playful day boat.

I store for my brother in law and paddled a few times an old Pintail (flat aft deck) and actually like it a lot.

Never had the chance to try an Anas Acuta, what’s the main difference between these 2 boats?

And finally can anybody give me some advise on how to convince my wife I need a second boat?

Much of the difference will depend on your size and shape. Try both before making a decision. In regards to convincing the wife, two words…Valentine’s Day!

Anas=hard chine Pintail =rounded

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That's about all I see Mario.

Kim is pretty happy with hers so far ("hers" being how I justified the addition to the fleet). I've only paddled it briefly a couple times - since we don't have a lot of rock gardens or rough conditions here I would rather have the speed and comfort of my Q700.

Pintail's a fun hull. Kim's is also an older model -flat deck - no pump or day hatch - ocean cockpit of course. Heavy little sucker, and no speed demon (compared to my QCC), but cruises nicely enough for group paddles. Very friendly in steep short stuff. It acts/feels like a 16' hull, not a 17'2" hull. Super easy to roll (if I can, it has to be).

I own both…

– Last Updated: Feb-10-05 1:41 PM EST – do my girlfriend and her housemate (they're copycats). The differences are subtle, but noticeable. The AA is a bit less stable than the Pintail. It also feels a bit faster, but more importantly, it doesn't hit a wall near its theoretical hull speed, as the Pintail does. It tracks a bit more strongly, but considering that the Pintail wanders like a lost puppy, that's not saying much.

If I know I'm going to be playing in rocks, surf or really rough water, or I'm teaching, I take the Pintail due to its extra stability, better surfing behavior and rounded hull that glances off of rocks better. (I'm currently patching some chine damage on my AA from a close encounter with a rock). For general paddling, I prefer the AA, as do both of the other paddlers I mentioned.

The Pintail feels like a more maneuverable, lower decked version of the Nordkapp. If you can get your mitts on an older flat decked boat, grab it while you can. It's a better boat than the current version.

I guess which one is best for you depends on what you plan to do with the boat. The AA is a better general purpose boat and the Pintail is better in the nasty stuff, but both are good designs.