Pintail for a q-boat

Hey, what do you think about the q-boat. Was out test

paddling q-boat in 2-3 waves & very windy.

Boat felt really nice, close to water & the low

rear deck was great. Was wondering how boat

felt in the rough stuff, anybody with q-boat

experience. I was thinking about moving from

pintail to q-boat. I’am pretty sure I could rock

garden with q & gain some speed over pintail.

Any input appreciated

It’s hard to beat a Pintail…
…for playing in rock gardens. Its extreme maneuverability and the way the hull slides off rocks are big advantages.

I see a couple of serious downsides to the Q-boat for rock garden play:

1- Length - The extra overall length will make it harder to maneuver. More importantly, it has a much longer waterline, which will makes turning and clearing obstacles just below the surface more difficult.

2- Hard chines - I’ve used my Anas Acuta enough in rocks to realize that hard chines tend to concentrate impact forces, resulting in gelcoat and fiberglass damage that requires frequent repairs. A rounded hull like a Pintail’s spreads impact forces and glances/slides off rocks, greatly reducing the likelihood of damage more serious than scratches.

Other low decked boats
I love that low back & low in the water feel.

What other fiberglass boats boats besides AA

have this.