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Remebered Coffee II's thread about the Sportspal canoe and found this link http://www.pirogue.com/lahome1.htm
May be what he his looking for.


Kayak for canoe??
Posted by: coffeeII on Jan-02-06 9:54 AM (EST) Category: unassigned
I am thinking about getting rid of my kayak & getting a solo canoe. Have actually been thinking about this for awhile, but a recent conversation with Longshadow had really brought it into more perspective. The thing he said that really "opened the thought" was:

Something that you can literally "throw your pack in and be on your way", without "stuffing & stashing".

What do you all think, is this good logic? I feel it is, especially since I really don't get out and "paddle/camp" anymore, it is either paddle or camp...

If so, what do you all think about the light weight Raddisson Canoes? Are they "solo-able".

Paddle easy,


Thanks for post’n. Help further a few
ideas been kicking around for hunting and sailing design modifications to existing and inprocess prototype hulls.



Coffee actually has a Pirogue in process
It just needs some fairing and coating. He’s back-burnered it because of its weight. I believe he’s trying to find it a good home now.


Problems with pirogues
I have built 2 pirogues and they do have positives but also some drawbacks. Weight though is not one of them (drawbacks). My 14’ weighs in around 40 lbs and the 12.5’ just a tad less. Not the lightest but not a heavy weight by any standard. The main drawbacks with the pirogues is their stability. Keeping a 30" width is nice for a solo boat. Unlike canoes the widest part of the pirogues is at the gunnels. Most pirogues only have a waterline width of 24". That combined with the flat bottom makes it feel very tippy getting into and moving about. Also when fishing out of them they jump around with every cast.

On the plus side, pirogues are very easy and cheap to build. Have a very shallow draft (4" on mine) and paddle suprizingly well. When buiding my first one at our shop, my father was wishing he had known about them when I was a kid. We always wanted boats/canoes back then but never had the $$. Great father/son/daughter projects.

There is some great plans out there for stitch and glue canoes made from 6 and 8 panels (the pirogues only have 3). Stability and looks are gained but they are harder to build.



I think coffee’s
pirogue is destined for davy Jones Locker or the campfire.

I’m no Coffee defender but…
He’s behaved himself quite well. Why the jump-on?

Or am I missing the tongue-in-cheek?

Don’t toss a heavy pirogue
You could extend the sides up easily with a few laps and have a nice rowing dory.