Pisgah Hactch Covers

Hi I just bought a new Liquid Logic Kayak. Its really great and works well. There is only one thing that bothers me. I had read that the hatch covers were difficult and hoped mine would be okay. The front one is and closes easily. The back one seems to close but wont and when you press on it air gets pressed out and pulled in.

It also doesnt seem to press down as well. It almost seems like the lid is to big.Is there any kind of strategy to get them closed correctly? Thanks for any help.

Call liquid logic…
You might want to just contact liquid logic. Maybe they can give you some tips or send you a new hatch cover.

I demo’d the pisgah a few weekends ago. I really liked it and thought that it was very manuverable and would be good for rivers with small rapids.

Good luck with your new boat!


Me too . . .
I also find the Pisgah hatch covers tough to get sealed all the way. Initially they were tough to get off too, but I sprayed some lubricant around the lip and they now come off with normal effort. When putting them on, I start at one end and run my fingers under the lip and pull out to get it over the hatch combing. Once I have it all the way on, I go back and push straight down with force all the way around the edge of the hatch cover and almost always find that at least one spot will “click” down, that was not fully sealed at first.

I have a call into Liquid Logic about another issue and will ask them about the hatch covers too.

303 Protectant
Solved all my Pisgah hatch problems. The slip on and off with ease but tight enough to seal out any water.