Pittsburgh CCBB Platyfest - March 5th

This is a invitation to the CCBB (Pittsburgh) Platyfest being held at the North Park Lounge in Cranberry, Pa. . . . Saturday, March 5th. 6 PM - 9 PM.

North Park Lounge is located on Rt 19 within easy access of I-79 and I-76 (Pa. Turnpike). There are several hotels in the immediate area (email me for a complete list). The social agenda is to meet in the Deck House around 6 o’clock where we will have a meal, drinks, etc. followed by a couple hours of chatting/visiting. Bring your stories, scrapbooks, pictures, maps, etc.

North Park Lounge offers various buffet selections that with tax and tip (which is added to your bill) will be approximately $20 a person. They run a cash bar for drinks. Although they will bill everyone separately for meals, they would prefer that the meals be on one check - so we will most probably collect for the meal.

For those new to the CCBB or terminology :

What’s BWCA ? Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northeastern Minnesota aka “BW”.

What’s Quetico ? Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canad. aka “Q”.

What’s a Platyfest ? The term “platy” comes from Platypus Hydration backpacks used by many to tote their favorite beverage into the BWCA/Quetico Parks. We have taken the phrase and applied it to festive gatherings outside of the BW/Q. Hence “platy” + “festive” = " Platyfest "!

What’s CCBB ? Canoe Country Bulletin Bulletin is a message board from the Canoe Country web site. This forum was established to inform and facilitate discussion about the BWCA and Quetico.

Hopefully i’ve covered most everything, but in the event anyone still has any questions, email me.

Gary Rauch aka FishFanatic

Did a search for Canoe Country and could find no bulliten board. If I am in the area on that date I will attend.


Here’s a link : http://www.network54.com/Forum/9927

Up to the top.
^ :slight_smile:

Are you going to join us ?
I need to keep a count.

Opportunity knocks
For anyone who’s contemplated a fishing trip to the BW/Q Parks, this get-together offers a opportunity to meet and chat with a number of “Wilderness Trippers”

I’m out
Turns out that I will be in W PA this coming weekend, and will not be able to attend. Have a great time!