Pittsburgh question ...

I’m thinking about paddling the Monongahela River in the Pittsburgh area and was wondering if anyone here has firsthand knowledge of that. I’d like to put in in Braddock and go all the way to the Point. Are there locks between those points? If so, how do you get through? Portage? Other thoughts on this trip (other than “Why in the hell would you want to do that?”)?

Here is some helpful information
Three Rivers Water Trail brochure showing map, launch sites, locks and dams, how to get through locks, etc.


I have not paddled the Mon., but I see a lot more paddling activity in the Allegheny.

Good luck.

The photography on Google Earth
is quite good. Looks like there is an 11 mile run from below a dam/lock near the Port Perry Bridge and Kennywood Park, down to the point. That might make an OK day trip. I suggest you identify some parks or accesses along the way in case you need to stop.

The Monongahela is quite industrial compared to the Allegheney. But you can use Google Earth to identify more natural sections upstream.