pivoting footbraces

anyone have links for manufactured pivoting footbraces or adjustable footbraces with toe plates to replace the push/pull variety?

Yes,Sealine exists,or might exist,and Prijon,but they seem kind of funny. Wonder why Yakima footbraces hasn’t come out with some.

I think Kajak-Sport makes some.

Try Seaward
Seaward has a gas pedal style rudder that works very well, better I think that Sealine or Prijon. They use a typical Yakima style rail and the pedal pivots on an aliminum stem/bolt so you can maintain a static brace while adjusting your rudder. It is beyond me why all other boat manufacturers don’t use this system. The only other system that is better - I think - is Patrick’s at Onno.

Try Patrick’s stuff:


KayakSport for sure
very comfortable. Wide foot shaped pedal. Pivots on rubber. I like mine.

On the Prijon’s
Ya, got them too (on a Calabria) they work but I don’t like them much. With no heel support (like you get with the KayakSports) the Prijon’s just dont feel right.

If you want these pedals you can now order direct from Seaward. Price is about U$96, seems a bit pricey for U$30 yakimas that have been customized.


kajaksport again…
another plus vote here. wide, grippy, and i think they’re made of wood (gotta double check)–how can you beat that?