pla reccomend kayak for a big man

I am 6’3" and over 250 lbs.

I am looking for a relatively easy paddling kayak for an inexperienced big man. I have tried a 12’ Wilderness Pungo which was pretty good and a Mainstream Patriot that I couldn’t keep tracking straight.

I am looking to paddle around bays and inlets in the Long Island sound. Calm water, but I would like to go out and paddle for a few hours without getting worn out.

Can someone tell me which boats I should be looking at? I would like to spend less than $1,000 if I can get away with it.

One more thing: I am a southpaw, so it has to be a left handed boat.

That last part was a joke.

the pungo 120 is a good possibility
there is also a Pungo 140 (14’). Itll go faster, track better, but initial stability and manuverability will go down-but not by much.

some more kayaks under 1k, with large roomy cockpits.

-Prijon Cruiser 14’

-Old Town Dirigo 140

-Old Town Loon 138

-Perception acadia 13

-Wilderness Systems Pamlico 120

-Wilderness Systems Pungo 140

-Current Designs Kestrel 140

-Current Designs Whisper

-Current Designs Breeze

hope that helps

Most boats over 14 feet long
will do what you are looking for. The trade-off will be between speed and stability. A wide boat, say 28 inches will probably feel very stable, but you’ll have to work harder to paddle it. At the other extreme are surf skis that are more like 20 inches wide – very fast and efficient, but not stable enough for beginners, especially big guys.

Generally, I would recommend boats in that are 24 to 26 inches wide and at least 14 feet long. Big guys often prefer the large cockpits like the Pungo and some of us go for the Sit-On-Tops. A 16 foot Tarpon might be a good option.

Also, save some of your budget for a lightweight touring paddle – it will affect how quickly you tire as much as the boat, if not more. Look at the Aquabounds with carbon fiber shaft ($150 to $200 range). I have a Sting Ray paddle and can paddle my 28 inch wiide, 14 foot SOT for quite a while before getting really tired.


Venture Easky 15 or 17
Amongst many other options.

Both can come with a P&H foil skeg or rudder.

Get something with a front/rear bulkhead and good hatches.

See you on the water,


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thats over 1k