place for canoe camping in the Sierra's

I would love to take my son camping somewhere in the Sierra’s of Northern California.

I am looking for a camping place that with three qualities.

  1. Drive the car to the camp site.
  2. On a small lake with swimming
  3. A place I can rent a canoe for the weekend.

    I would appreciate any advice you experts might have.

    We have canoe experience, but we don’t own a canoe right now.

Alpine Lake in Bear Valley
Alpine Lake just outside of Bear Valley comes to mind

A map:

Reservoir ?

Clear Lake ?

Waters may be windy in the afternoon.

Twin Lakes, eastern Sierra’s
I van camped at the campground at the western end of the upper lake, which must have been Annet’s Mono Village, and paddled there one day. Very scenic.

I’m not positive they rent canoes, but you can always rent a canoe near where you live and bring it with you. That would allow you to paddle Mono Lake, which isn’t very far away from Twin Lakes.