place to paddle in Tupelo, MS?

I’m travelling through Tupelo this weekend on my way out to Oklahoma City. I want to get in a workout on Saturday evening and Sunday morning. My hotel is right next to Elvis Presley Lake which is a state fishing lake that looks suitable for a quick workout. The only problem is that there is a $10 launch fee and I’m not sure if kayaks are even permitted on the lake. Are there any other alternatives nearby?

On Saturday I can hit something east of town on my way in (are there places to launch and use the Tenn-Tom canal?) and on Sunday I can stop somewhere west of town on my way out if need be.

Work takes me to Tupelo every month or so and I haven’t found much in the way of paddling in the area. The Tenn-Tom is a good 25 miles or so out of town and it’s not terribly scenic. Maps show dozens of creeeks in the area but most aren’t much more than glorified drainage ditches. 40 minutes or so west of Tupelo on US 278 will take you to Oxford and Sardis Lake. I think there’s also a state recreation area (Clear Creek, I think?).

I Agree
I was raised in Tupelo & there isn’t many places to paddle there. Elvis Presley Lake does allow canoes so I would think they allow kayaks also. My brother-in-law fishes there alot & he’s never said anything about such a ridiculous launch fee. The times I’ve been in there I never see anyone around. The last time I was up there & took kayaks, I paddled around the lake at Tombigbee State Park. KK

I’ll give the recreation area at Elvis Presley Lake a call since that lake is only 1.5 miles from the hotel and I just need a spot to throw in and do a few intervals. Otherwise it looks like I’ll hit the Tenn-Tom on the way into town on Saturday evening and figure something out west of town when I leave Sunday AM.

That area
of Tupelo is where I was raised. It just blows me away to see how every thing has changed when I go back for a visit. The property we lived on is less than 1/2 mile from there.

Just talked to the wildlife & fisheries dept. launch fee at all parks in MS is $11.00. I ask if they wanted everyone to stay off the water??? KK

Good grief!
$11 for a launch fee? Even at lakes? I could almost see that at a public river access point where you have unlimited time and distance at your disposal but just to putter around a few acres of lake? Ouch!