Place Value On Strip-Built Kayak

I may want to donate a kayak to a nonprofit organization, and take a tax deduction. How do I get a figure for the $ value of it, and prove it to the I.R.S? Insurance quote?

Art pieces …

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Kayaks built as art pieces are "priceless" (e.g., many thousands of $$$, and if some celebrity butt has rubbed in it - even more).

Used ones in good paddleable condition seem to be advertised from $600-$1500 as much as I can tell (even though new they may have been be 2-3 times more).

Rotten, cracked, ugly = no value even for the fireplace (smell bad due to the chemicals in them).

So, where do you think you are on that scale ;) ?

eBay, Craigslist
A quick check there might give you some ideas.

Here’s another helpful link:

Also, IRS publication 561.