Places to canoe-Georgia

My family and I will be going to Georgia in October camping.

We always take our canoe…or rent one!

Does anyone know of any state parks that have

canoeing there OR a shuttle near a state park we

can travel to so we can canoe.

We will probably be doing the Eastern half of Georgia, but not much further north lets say of Atlanta area to the east.

Thanks for any info!


If you can swing it I’d paddle the Flint, over on the south west side of the state. The Ogeechee and Altamaha are nice, on the east side.

Stay off the Flint, our you will get
pounded. Specifically, do not run Yellowjacket Shoals. Go over and run the Broad near Danielsville. Google for Broad River Outpost.

You could stay at Victoria Bryant or
at Watson Mill. Then you can call Broad River Outpost (find them with Google) and they can set you up with some exciting but fairly safe WW on the Broad River.