Places to Launch Kayak

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I am looking for a place with parking lot or parking very close by in the Braintree Massachusetts area.

Looking for both fresh water and salt water kayaking.
I have a 12' Wilderness Pungo.


Do you have Google Earth on your
computer? You can have it come down on Braintree and the imagery may be so good that you can see boat ramps, grassy banks, parking space, etc.

I’m not clear on where Braintree is, but I’ve used Google Earth to scout the Charles and other waterways in detail, so that when we visit our friend in Weston, I don’t waste time looking for access spots. Launch Site Map
Look at the grey heading bar near the top of the page. Click “Go Paddling” and then “Launch Site Map”.

You will probably have more luck posting that question here

Not sure how far you want to drive
but there is a great place at the Hingham rotary on 3A that gives you access to a good portion of Boston Harbor.

Greeen Harbor has a freebie at the town wharf for kayakers.

At the Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury -Parking is free on the beach on the right just before going over the bridge.

In Plymouth there is a great place at Stevens Field that puts you into Plymouth harbor

In Marshfield there is a freebie that puts you into the North river. It is at the Bridge Steet Bridge.

Don’t use the one on the Norwell side. You need a sticker. Use the one on the Marsfiield side.

There is also a good access to the North river, way up in Hanover, (not far from Braintree)

Jack L

if you need any more info, shoot me an e-mail