Places to launch on the Colorado River on the Parker Strip

In a couple of weeks I’ll be launching from Hoover Dam and paddle down 340 miles the Colorado River all the way to Morelos Dam on the U.S./Mexico Border. This is a charity paddle that I do every November.
This will be my 4th time and 4th year doing this trip and all of the logistics are all worked out for portaging all of the dams, camping, and resupply drops. Everything is figured out and planned except one detail, launching below Parker Dam at the top of Parker Strip. In past years I’ve launched next to an old dirt road next to the dam, but the Bureau of Reclamation put a chain link fence across the road earlier this year.
There’s largely nothing but private property for several miles below Parker Dam and the closest legal public river access is 4 miles down river. I’ve talked to some of the trailer parks below Parker Dam and that’s a no go. Talks with the Bureau of Reclamation are also a no go.
My question is does any know of or can suggest an area that I can launch below Parker Dam that saves me having to paddle against the current for 4 miles? Any help would be highly appreciated.
As an almost last resort I figure if I have to I’ll bribe a power boater to tow my kayak up to the base of Parker Dam.

If you were wondering about the charity paddle I’m holding then you can get more info at