Places to paddle around Cincinnati

I’ll be taking a trip to the Cincinnati area in the next month or so, and was wondering if there were interesting places to paddle a sea kayak, including the Ohio and Miami rivers. Also, where are the best put-ins?

Thanks in advance,

Rick in Asheville

Well…the Little Miani River is…
…on the east side of twwon and is probably the only one that will have a reliable water flow,

although it can get pretty scrapy. Parts are

quite pretty, parts aren’t

The Great Miami has water quality issues. Are you up on your shots?

However, in a month or so, some of the dams

will be having releases to lower the lakes to

their winter levels. The Rocky fork/Paint Creek

is scheduled for Oct 7 and 8. Caesar’s Creek

dam the 17th and 18th of Sept, Olentangy

(columbus) Oct 1.

Other than that, unless you like flat water,

there isn’t anything you can count on, unless we

get rain. and a LOT of it.

shoot me some email when you start getting close

to coming here.

He said SEA kayak

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I'd recommend the Ohio River or East Fork or Caesar Creek lakes.

Cincinnati area put-ins
Thanks for the replies! Where are good places to put in? I do flat water, usually round trips…put in and take out the same place. I have considered going upstream on the Ohio on one side and coming back on the opposite shore, put what are the currents like? An uncle of mine used to keep a Chris Craft at Richmond landing when I was a kid, and that is one place I have considered launching from, just for nostalgia sakes.

Rick in Asheville

By golly, he did say…
…sea kayak.

I also do that.

Shoot me some email. We should be able to hit Caesar’s Creek Lake, or I’ll at the very least give you directions.

don’t forget…
the licking river in on the ky side. you can put in just south of wilder, ky. about 5 miles south of cincy, but i forget the name of the boat launch. but, you will have the river all to yourself…paddle up river or go into the ohio.

Kentucky side
The boat ramp in Wilder Ky off of Route 9 is Frederick’s Landing. It will be a short paddle from there under the interstate bridges and to the Ohio River downtown. You cam also go south, up stream, as there is little or no current on the Licking near downtown.(the current runs north in the Licking). There are two small lakes 20 -40 miles south of downtown - A.J. Jolly and Kincaid Lake. The backwaters of Kincaid lake are very nice. Another nice paddle is from Aurora Indiana just south of Lawrenceburg Indiania off of I-275 to Rising Sun Indiana- you’ll pass the Grand victoria Gambling Boat and Aurora and Rising Sun are pretty little river towns. You’d need to do a shuttle there.