Im looking for a place to paddle next summer in the northwest(Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Idaho.) My friends and i are looking for an easy to moderate overnight or weekend float with a lot of scenery and places to camp. Any suggestions? Thanks!

The Yellowstone River is one
possibility. Just make sure you put in below Yankee Jim Canyon if you don’t want to spend time recovering and drying gear.

In general, rivers that support oared float dories are usually easy enough to permit canoe or touring kayak camping. There are some exceptions, obviously.

If you go to the “More Links” on this site, there is a site listing 40 prime canoe camping trips around the country. You should find a few good choices there.

Snake, Green

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Check out the Snake River in Teton National Park and Near Jackson Hole, there are also spots with Class II,III rapids if you want more adventure.

Check out the Green in Southern Wyoming into Northern Utah. Also the trip from below flaming gorge dam in Utah to Browns Hole is really great I think there is a link to it to the left under "Places to Paddle" (This area is on the border of Colorado, Wyoming and Utah).

Salmon in Idaho is not quiet floating but you might want to check out trips there with outfitters.

North West kayaks makes or made a triple kayak.

Upper Missouri River, MT
From Coal Banks landing down to Judith Landing. Senic, historic (Lewis & Clark)can be a two, three or four day trip. nLots of camp sites and hiking opportunities, carry water.

Book suggestions…
A couple of suggestions for reading and planning…

Kath and Ron’s Guide to Idaho Paddling by Katherine Daly & Ron Watters, and Paddle Routes of the Inland Northwest by Rich Landers & Dan Hansen. Both usually available used on

Those two cover eastern Oregon & Washintgon, Idaho, and western Montana pretty well for easy paddle routes. Some overnight trips in both. Idunno about books for Wyoming.

Also Madison River Float …
If you like fly fishing this stretch used to be paradise.

I have not been since I was a kid with my Uncle but it still is one of my favorite memories.

Punch some of these river names into youtube to help you decide - there is an amazing quantity of home videos out there on almost all the popular floats, and many obscure ones as well. Just last night I was touring the Green via youtube, looks really nice.

Have you posted in “Getting Together and
Going Paddling?” Might be worth a shot.

northwest kayaking
Try Skamokawa, WA on the Lewis and Clark trail; historic little town; great kayak assistance and touring…find the Skamokawa Kayak Center online. Enjoy!