Places to paddle in Western Washington

Just got a canoe after years of dry land, problem is finding some flat water day trips around the area, anyone suggest a web site or a place to try?

You might want to try…
Paddle Routes of Western Washington: 50 Flatwater Trips for Kayak and Canoe by Verne Huser. If you hurry there is a used copy on Amazon for less than two bucks. I have a copy and have read it but have not been in a canoe around Puget Sound for far too many years.

If you get it and go, pass on a trip report or two.


About this book…
lemt, Paddle Routes of Western Washington does have some good flatwater trips, but some of the river trips the author describes have rapids up to Class II. For example, Trip 24, the Cedar River from Maple Valley to Renton, is actually a Class II section that usually has some serious logjams and sweepers. Before you accept the author’s descriptions, it would be a good idea to do your own research on a trip you’re interested in.

River Leaf,
Thanks for the info on the book. I am going to tuck your comments away in the back of it just in case I ever try and use it to plan a trip.