Places to put in

Need suggestions of good places around Westerville to launch from. Looking for Olentangy or Alum Creek

Where is Westerville?
never heard of it… In the East, the West? Giving a state helps.

What continent are you on?
It’s a big Internet here.

Near Columbus?

I think you might have more luck over on the Paddlers’ Places forum.

Take your pick

Google data

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Google Maps: search the GooMap data base with ‘Westerville’ brings a menu of Westerville’s

Add ‘Alum’ and the returns increase.

Google Images for ‘Alum Creek’ or try ‘ALUM CREEK BOAT RAMPS

finding a state park

Goo Images responds to for example: SR 28 bridge over Newhole Creek...that is there are photos posted of the bridge and local environs as photography....and launch sites going back into 'street view on Google Maps.

I did these searches for a paddler from Jupiter FL wanting a specific routing. Found an outstanding launch and arrival using ‘street views’ hanging Goo’s road man on the various bridges.

put what in…(?)

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I/we put canoes and kayaks into the shallow edges of ponds/bogs often between trees/bushes. The inconvenience of either wearing waterproof boots or getting the feet a little wet is offset by your hull touching nothing but wood, moss and some soft dirt/sediment.