Places with bioluminescence in water?

I’ve seen it in the San Juan islands and have heard of it being good in the Sea of Cortez.

Where else? Preferably “else” that’s in the U.S.A. or Canada.

newark, new jersey

Everglades Wilderness Waterway…

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I've seen bio-luminescence in the 10,000 Islands region of the Florida Everglades, the saltwater mangrove swamp, Everglades Wilderness Waterway. Some neat stuff, dip your paddle in the water and watch the water glow like a Cyalume light stick...

I've also seen it sailing and paddling around the Florida Keys....

Puerto Rico
There is a nice bay and a pleasant approach to it through a mangrove tunel with good light in the water evening. Quite crowded with rented kayaks though. I’m not sure if there is public access or not or is it just the rental operators that crowd the main access point that are allowed in.

Muscongus Bay

you recently returned from the area where I paddled in the most amazing bioluminescence, on an evening-night paddle in St. Petersburg conducted by Sweetwater Kayaks in October 2006, and you are heading (so I’m told) to an area that another has posted about! Now you just need a little bit of luck!



all over the coast of Maine
I’ve seen it pretty much everywhere I’ve been. Some nights it’s better than others, but I think it’s pretty much always there to some extent. If it’s really dark where you are, then the bioluminesence will look much brighter. Choose a place with no lights on shore, and choose a time when there will be no moon at all.

Make sure to swim in it! That’s really cool!

Summer Red Tides -Southern California
We get algae blooms around the 4th of July, some years they are very intense, 2005 was a big year. THe waves breaking on the beach produce huge flashes of green light. Your foot prints glow in the wet sand.

… and your paddle seems like its
throwing fire balls as you leave a huge dragon tail like wake.

Fun and a little spooky seeing whats swimming around under you @ night too. … Th th that WAs a sea lion right ???

If no one has every tried it yet … Try jumping off a speeding powerboat into it @ night.

New England
I’ve seen it off Marthas Vinyard and around Aquidneck Island.

North Carolina
I’ve seen it most summers at Cape Lookout in the sound side and behind Masonboro Island.

Suicide Surf Paddle
We went out on a night with no moon to watch the flashes…

very spooky when you realize you are right in the break zone just off some big rocks …

It is here in Southeast Alaska in August, and I’ve seen it around the same time along the north Bafffin Coast. Make for great night paddles.

westbrook ct.
behind Duck Island. It was there years back, anyways. Good nighttime entertainment when we’d be anchored there in our sailboat.

Chesapeake Bay

San Juan Islands

Just light a BP oil burp.

all over
Where are the biologists when you need them???

In Massachusetts, I usually expect to see it in early June for a few weeks, in Maine a bit later. I always assumed that it is dependent on water temperature.


It’s a sign :wink:
Well, even if it’s not, I loved playing with it the one time I experienced it. Almost like having fireworks displays in the water. And they told me that was a only a so-so night.

Did not see any at Sweetwater or Fort DeSoto, probably because I didn’t go for any night paddles! Daytimes were cold enough already, as you know. Did you do any night paddles there this year? Maybe next year’s will be warm enough.

As for Maine, that info came as a surprise, and it’s like icing on the cake. I am stoked.

A no-moon night swim in the cold Atlantic. Hmmm, maybe. Wonder if it’s as cold as that shaded marble quarry in northern VT at the beginning of July. Yikes–my bones ached in there!