placid boat users - seat upgrade?

Hey placed boat folks, have any of you ever done a seat upgrade over the standard bucket seat? What did you use?
looking at the Swift site and it seems like they might have a more comfortable seat, especially for things like photography and fishing where you are sitting more than paddling.

Shortly after I got my Rapidfire, I saw Joe’s own boat with a higher than standard rail mounted seat that he developed for racing on the 90 miler. It could be slid and locked in place fore and aft for trim. Since I much prefer to use a single blade in my canoe and a high seat is best for that, I immediately had him upgrade my seat and got rid of all 3 lower drop in seats I had. The rail seat is tipped forward 15 degrees for a better angle for racing, so my back never does touch the back band. Unfortunately, IMO, that class of boat requires a double blade paddle in the race rules. Over ok, because it could not compete in the solo canoe class anyway with a single blade. Except when racing, I always use a single blade and the new seat is good for that.

I know Joe has made at least one other Rapidfire with an extra strength belly band so that a higher seat could be hung from the rails. had I known that before I bought, I would have done that with mine.