Placid Boats

I’ve heard many good things about them. Very difficult to find used ones, so that must mean they are “keepers”. Wondered if one does show up used what the cost is? Looks around $3000 new so what does a 1 y/o go for? 2 y/o? Just curious…thx…I’d love to buy new but just lost my part time job :frowning:

I got a ~ $2500 demo for $1950.
Took good care of it; sold it for $1700. Yes, they are great boats and hold their value.

I sold mine to buy a kayak.

Mine is scuffed and would probably at
three years go for 1500. But its not for sale. Its a RapidFire and its going on Lake Superior in Pukaskwa.

What would you use it for? I don’t
think anything can beat a Placid for what they’re designed for, but I don’t need a Stradivarius for just fiddling around.

If you should need strength and low weight but not such flawless worksmanship, you might go to and look at Kaz’s offerings. He has fast boats that turn well, slalom boats that are fairly fast, and a couple of the best solo poling boats around. His prices are just astonishingly reasonable. But by the time you find a used Millbrook, the owner’s been having such a good time that it’s blowed up real good.

can you sit in the bottom of a Millbrook
and paddle double blade on rolling seas?

Come on lets keep on topic. If you want to compare apples to oranges bring in Millbrook. If you want to compare varieties of apple, bring in Hornbeck.

Saw a Spitfire 12 for sale here a few weeks ago down in Florida for app $2000 but I didn’t know how old it was, did look real nice set up for fishing. I like the Spitfire 13 but the Rapidfire would probably be best suited for continuation of the NFCT. Ahh just dreaming but thx for the info.

String, did you get the demo at Placid or an outfitter? Wood trim? How old was the demo? They really hold their value. Thx

I could. Isn’t this the Digression
Forum? I was not assuming that the OP knew that Placid boats are meant for sitting almost on the bottom and using a double blade. My pupils don’t constrict when I say “Placid.”

As for Millbrook, the Patriot and the Swamp Hen could be paddled sitting with a double blade, though I don’t think one would have to sit as low as they do in a Placid.

I’m the type of shopper who looks at a wide range of alternatives for solving a problem. Looks like Placid took a similar course before they arrived at their solution. Their boats might be a more obvious solution if it weren’t for the expense.

CF, I got it from Placid. Never checked
the age.It had wood rails and a few blems from when it was made, but was , and is, a fine boat.It plays on Lake Lanier,Ga. now.

thx string
Spoke to an ADK outfitter who shows one for sale. Of course they are now waiting to sell it after the season. 2008 going for app $1900, wood rails. 2010 foam will probably go for $2500 at end of season. I’d rather pay new for that price.

I’m looking to sit like a kayak and double blade, bad knees and can’t kneel. But I too am also looking at other options…thx for helping

Placid boats do not have to be paddled
seated on the bottom.

As a semi custom builder they build several seat heights for single stickers and also if you ask will reinforce the boat with a belly band for kneeling.