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Spitfire and Rapid fire. Looking to possibly replace my kayak with a canoe. I paddle Lake Ontario, Niagara River upper and lower and assored creeks and canals with occasional pack trips to Algonquin of 5 day duration. Would both boats fill the need at the basic level? I know the Rapidfire would be somewhat faster but I am looking for smallest and lightest that will fit my needs without coming up short in any area. TIA for all input

Dave, both are awesome boats
Hyde just bought a Spitfire in an auction that I’m sure he’d let you demo. I paddled both at Raystown and personally, being a bigger paddler, I preferred the Rapidfire. They are both fast and light and easily maneuverable using a kayak paddle. BEAUTIFUL too.

Spitfire vs. Rapidfire

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My suggestion is to talk with Charlie or Joe at Placid Boatworks. They know more about the canoes and who they best fit than any of us and will give honest advice.

My less informed take is if you're smaller/lighter, look at the Spitfire and if you're larger/heavier think about the Rapidfire. For me (6'1" and about 200 lbs.) the Spitfire didn't do it and my Rapidfire brings out a silly grin. I've seen smaller paddlers with the same silly grin in the Spitfire. The Spitfire is lighter and both canoes can be made lighter yet with the foam infused trim that they call "cobra sox".

Test paddle the boats you are interested in before buying.



if you and your tucker
for your five day trip can come in at under 250 I would go for the Spitfire.

I tend to pack more gear…the trips are 8-14 days inland…

And I like to have room to move stuff around for optimum trim in waves. I am hoping to run some stiff seas…so far its been one to two footers. I prefer to have a light bow to bounce off of rather than a stuffed bow to knife through waves.

You might consider that for Lake Ontario.

I have a RapidFire that I think fits me best for those conditions…

SpitFire v RapidFire

I stumbled across this thread and I’m not sure I can ad any more than our highly-attuned customers already have.

The SpitFire is a great smaller pond/creek boat that will handle some weather and can accomodate upt to 325 lbs. It can turn in it’s own length and is easy to maneuver through twisty, narrow portages. It will perform admirably in bigger water with spray covers.

RapidFire is essentially an open-decked sea kayak. It will handle fairly rough stuff (we crossed Lake Champlain from Port Kent to Burlington in a S wind and 3’ waves), especially with spray decks (not used in Champlain xing). It will comfortably carry about 400lbs. Very fast and agile for a 15-footer, too.

Hope this is helpful. Give us a call if you have further questions (518-524-2949).