placid challenge 4 CEWilson

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i keep hearing all this noise about how fast placid boats are and what they can do, and blah, blah, blah. so i figure a "real world" challenge is in order. CEWilson, let's do the Watertribe in March. no skirts, no flotation, no rudder, single blade. me in my rob roy -- which you know so much about, and you in the 15-foot placid. i want to see what all the fuss is about. you in?


You’re on

Either my partner Joe Moore, or i will be there. Of course, a couple questions remain. Where? What course? Exact dates? Rapid is, designed to be paddled with a double blade.

screw joe, you’re in
watertribe everglades challenge 2008. no skirt, no bags, no rudder, single blade. wear bells :slight_smile:

i promise, charlie
this will be my last request. :slight_smile: really, :slight_smile:

We can have quicker resolution. The Adirondack 90 miler runs in early September. Come North and run a course with both deep and shallow water. Three staged days, ~ 30, 35, 25 miles each.

Re the watertribe thing, without knowing the course it is unreasonable that you dis-allow our fabric decks.

You are defending a fine boat, RobRoy. Concerning it’s design, you received bad information or misunderstood someone whom you will not name. You contradicted me publicly, I publicly reinforced my source and information, which in inassailable. Realizing I had been harsh, I withdrew the post and apologized publicly, but the hydrodynamic facts remain.

Joe is our racer, I am the FreeStyle guy. If you want to race, it will be with Joe. If you want to demonstrate fancy boat handling, I’m your daisy; but you’ll need a different boat. If you want to continue a design argument why don’t we turn to David Yost?

charlie wilson

oh well, i tried

meet half way
in VA somewhere and I’ll join in the fun. I’d get my a$$ handed to me so instead, I’ll video the event.

Then I get to try out both boats. I’ll bring one of my woodie canoes along for the ride.

The Race

You have made a public challenge to Charlie regarding canoe design. Now you publicly challenge him about Rob Roy vs, Rapidfire performance, settled by a race. This is a fine sporting tradition.

However, such challenges are usually negotiable, and Charlie responded with a counter offer that is quite reasonable: Adirondak 90 miles (sooner), partner Joe paddling the Rapidfire (he’s probably closer to your age, and age does matter), on a race course that will favor each canoe some of the time (both shallow and deep).

Each canoe should be paddled in the way the paddler wants. Using double or single blade (Rob Roy was designed for double blades but you shouldn’t be forced to use one), with or without optional spray decks. Hell, I’ll even promise to drive up and take pictures so everyone can see the outcome.

So, Chad, put your paddle where your mouth is in Sept, or back off.

Dave- Former owner of Rob Roy (a fine canoe) and present owner of a Rapidfire (a fine canoe).

The idea of using a Rob Roy (which is decked) and requiring a Rapidfire to be used without the spray decks and a single blade (for which it was not designed) is unreasonable, as well as who paddles.

Also, based on that logic, is is not just as reasonable to take two decked canoes, oh… say a Rob Roy and a Krueger Sea Wind, cross Lake Superior and see who gets there first? Not much of a mystery there…

Sure glad this is being archived.

back off, eh?
couple of things:

  1. i was wearing my smartass, jerkwad hat yesterday and shouldn’t have attacked charlie as i did. it was childish. and honestly, i challenged him to a race/situation i knew he couldn’t win. my appologies to charlie, mick and everyone on

  2. i can’t make the 90-miler. also don’t expect anyone to race a placid boat in the EC next year. can we meet in the middle, say north carolina. i’m not a racer, not particularly fast in a canoe. but i did open my fat mouth and should take my lickins.

  3. i will back off. total lack of class on my part. whatever boat gets people on the water and allows them to enjoy life is a great boat. BTW, i’d actually be VERY interested in 15-16-foot placid boat that would take a sliding bucket seat. looking at the site, etc. it seems like a well-built and highly capable boat.


As you expressed, you really should try a test drive on the Rapidfire; I do think you will think it a terrific boat, and well-made they are.