Placing vinyl on Polyethylene Kayak

So I am trying to place a vinyl on my Kayak. it is a Field & Stream Eagle Talon 120. It is made out of Polyethylene which makes any type of sticker adhesion seem near impossible. Now, I can cut my own vinyl but I am lost as to what I can do to promote adhesion. Does anyone have any ideas? I’ve tried sanding some of the top surface away but I’m a little worried to sand too much and make that area of my kayak weak, especially when out in the heat. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Turtle Boat.

What is the purpose of the vinyl?

The name of my boat. Just to add some flair to it.

I get vinyl lettering from my local print shop to emblazon all my fleet with the company website. I use a small roller on the PE boats that don’t have a smooth finish. The lettering is on a facing/backing material. Peel and Adhesion side to boat, carefully peel backing plastic off. Seems to work fine and lasts.

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I got it on. Just curious how well it will hold up lol. May look into seeing what I can use to seal it.

Cute. What did you use?

@Rookie said:
Cute. What did you use?

Just some Oracle 651 Vinyl. I cut it using my Cricut machine. I learned that if I made my Transfer Tape less sticky, it doesn’t hold the vinyl as strong, making it easier to place.